How to get started in songwriting? (Part 1 – Overview)

Many people have asked me this question and 1 direct answer is to start writing! Songwriting is just like other art expressions like drawing and dancing. Though some creativity or even inspiration is there, anyone with the passion and is willing to do it can do it. Of course like any other skill, one has to learn the basics and constantly improve yourself in order to be proficient.

For myself, songwriting can come in 2 forms, either by inspiration or by demand. To start off, I will provide 3 easy steps for beginners to get started

  1. Get inspired from things around u or just come up with a tune u like
  2. Quickly grab your nearest recording device like handphone or portable recorder etc
  3. Sing the tune in ‘la la la’ and then record it as a whole

There u have it, your 1st song!


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