Leoncreations song composing sharing session 创作心得分享会

Good news to all my readers out there, whether you are a music lover, karaoke singer or singer-songwriter wannabe (hey me too!) blah blah blah, i am opening a new section called ‘song composing 创作心得’ to share my personal experience on my song composing journey and also what i have learnt from my song composing course (my earlier post has mentioned about this before). Do bear in mind that this is a sharing session so all interested people out there are free to express and share their music & song composing experiences as well so that all of us will gain something here.

There will be a weekly sharing session composing of the lesson part (don’t worry I will try to keep music theory to the bear minimum) and also my personal reflections or even song tip of the week. Still in the process of sorting & planning this sharing session so do stay tuned to the next posting for more updates!



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