Are You Artistic Or Logical?

Whether you are studying or working right now, take a 5 mins break, put down whatever you are doing now and just enjoy what I am going to show you next.

Look at the dancer below. What do you see? Is she turning clockwise or counter-clockwise?

If you see her turning clockwise (right) then your left side of the brain is doing most of the work, which means you are more of a logic/analyzing person.

If you see the dancer turning counter-clockwise (left) then your right side of the brain is in charge, this means you are the artistic/intuition person.

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One response to “Are You Artistic Or Logical?

  1. Actually, the girl will change her spinning direction halfway through, if you stare at it long enough.

    Manage to verify this when i got a few friends to look at the same thing at the same time. We detected the change at the same time…

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